From the pen of Fatomi Nafisat


Love, they say, tolerates and endures a lot, but to what extent? Over this past few years, i have come to realise that people in relationships tend to ignore their partner’s mistake or shortcomings, as long as they love him/her.
I have met a lady who tolerates her boyfriend’s abuse, all in the name of love. I went to visit her one Saturday morning and met her with a swollen cheek. When i asked her what had happened, she lied at first but after much persuasion, she confessed.
Apparently, her alleged boyfriend had hit her, just because a male colleague from work had dropped her off in front of the house the previous evening. From our discussion, i was able to deduce that she has endured a lot of physical and emotional abuse from her so called boyfriend. When i asked her why she still remained in that relationship, she said,
“As much as he abuses me, he is still the most caring man i have ever met!”. I was dumbfounded.
I have met a man whose girlfriend enjoys getting attention, sexually and otherwise, from other men. The man is aware of her progressions and has no problem with it. I asked him why he continues to put up with such immoral behaviour and all he had said was,
“l don’t mind her philandering as long as it’s me she loves, I love her that much!”. I was speechless.
Is this really love?
Some people believe that love is “blind”. It isn’t! You’ve got to keep your eyes wide open, learn your partner’s mistakes and shortcomings, then try to work together on making things right
Love is truly sacrificial, but not when your life is at stake! Being in a relationship with a partner who abuses you, physically or emotionally, will definitely leave scars on you. A lot of people have developed various psychological disorders, become physically handicapped or worse, lose their lives as a result of abuse from their partners. You should learn to love yourself enough to know that you deserve a better partner.


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