*The Epitome of Beauty!!!*

She is an epitome of beauty.

Words are too weak in describing her beauty.

My ways of expression might be so far from reaching an equity.

About how beautiful she is and witty.

Alas! Loudly I shout!!!

She is the reality of beauty.

She reigns above the beauty of a peacock with clarity.

In fact, she’s just the perfect image of an epitome without arity.

Starring at her radiant face brings, a choked insanity.

Ill-heart can be healed with a gaze of coquetry.

Looking through her eyes brings to the heart, tranquility.

Her honoured face blooms like the moon with full purity.

All I know about her is the fact of pretty.

For I see nothing than the bright quality.

Talking with her drives heart to curiosity.

Longing for her becomes the wish of the hearty insanity.

Her existence is the reality of a moderate pretty.

By my words, I wish you can understand!

Till the time of this moment, I still find no equals to her beauty.

God made her a creation without triviality.

For she upholds all qualities of serenity.

The moon equals her not in beauty.

And the sun stands no chance with her specialty.

My heart whims to read more about her personality.

Cos she blooms like a rose flower in a floret vicinity.

Well! Her name justifies her purity.
For she is The Rare (Nafeesah) Rose, a bloom of solitary.

How I wish in my thought, to gain weight in winning this creation over in the realm of cravity.

And All I know is about her beauty…

Indeed, she’s an illumined epitome of beauty!!!

From the pen of…

_*#Hujjatullah At-tijaniy.*_
(C) 19, April.


Published by Hujjatullah

I'm what people know me to be, for I know nothing about myself except what they see or know about me.

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