*Three lanes of a man!!!*

Life of a man occurs in lanes.

Moment of birth is the prior lane.

Wailing between the hands that bring it forth.
Soaked in blood of courage.

Darkness and light so abhor.
Feeling the presence of the boulevardier.

But disregarding all that seem around.

For all that matters is the milk.
Days upon days, weeks upon weeks, babble became the best of speech.
Gabble, prattle and twaddle seem like a flowing water.

Reaching to object becomes an act.
Standing against the wall is really a job.
Months slipped away and words come with ease.
Standing while walking are no more worries.
But making decisions was not avail.
Basic education stepped in like a season.
Getting ready for the race of aptitude.
Rhymes and songs drool like a slobber from morning till night.
Home works to do become the foes.
Reality seems like vanity.
But cavity within a hill ain’t a doom.
Years spined swiftly away like whizz.
Secondary crawled in like May weather.
“What I want to become” is now an anthem.
Friends and foes are one in an ell.
Choice to make is still cloudy to be seen.
Adolescence is coming in without request.
Bullying and scolding are fastest expressions to make.

Seriousness wages the key to success.
But laziness strips the honour of a gent.
Secondary bills the tertiary act to take over.
For a man knows no satisfaction in his gut.
What I want! becomes what I need!
The lad is now an adult.
A youth to make impact in the labour field.
Craving and engraving all necessities in the heart of success prevails.
Goods and Bads are now a scale of rarity.
Hopes and desires are making the mind racing the heart like rebel.
Looking for the Virgo in the realm of existence.
Levels-upon-levels, man turned a learned.

Wagging the scroll of excellence with enthusiasm.
Checking the time and date of success.
Waking the happiness within to stand with toes.
And now a man is named graduate.

Ready to serve the land of his Father.
At this point he says, what shall I eat?
For hunger humbles the ego of a wise man.
Occupation rings within the temple of his reasoning.
Proving his worth bangs him like the knocks of fear.
And with job the a lane in a man’s life is stillborn.
Needs of a man precede a lane in his journey.
Family and relations muffle the elements of desire in a man.
At each lane shall a man faces the hook.
Nodding his way out of wearisome.
Keeping to what makes the heart and the brain tics.
Happiness is all that makes a man feels the breeze of liveliness.
Ageing is inevitable at it’s point.
Man shall regress back to his days.
All nerves and muscles turned against the body.
Walking around the house takes a decade.
Couch and bed turned enemies of the backbone.
Taste and smell erred away.
Nervous responds to low stimuli.
With time man wishes for an exit.
And when its time he shall faces the reality beneath the surface.
Six feet is all he gets no matter is wealth.
White shroud without the threads.
What a shame on the man that crooked away in vanity.
Woe you! For your body is for the the bacteria and the soil.
A man has three lanes to pass no matter what he does.

Childhood! Adulthood!! Old age!!!

At this juncture I say, prepare for the moment, for once is the journey if man.

From the pen of….
© January 14,


Published by Hujjatullah

I'm what people know me to be, for I know nothing about myself except what they see or know about me.

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